BenQ claims Apple Store interest for new Joybee docking projector

By Patrick Avenell

BenQ’s Australian office claims to be in discussions with Apple’s local team to range its new Joybee GP2 docking projector in Apple Stores throughout the country.

The projector dock, which will retail for around $500, allows users to broadcast their videos and images onto a screen for public viewing. Because the iPhone or iPod would connect via the 30-pin port, this projector would also charge the mobile device, preventing the battery drain so often associated with video playback.

In addition to docking an iPhone, the Joybee GP2 also has inputs for SD card, USB and HDMI. There’s also 2GB of internal storage for portable plug-and-play.

The Joybee GP2 is currently sold on the BenQ US website for $549 (AUD $534).

The BenQ Joybee GP2.

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