E&S Trading: socialites of the appliance world

By Keri Algar

MELBOURNE, VIC: “We launched our website and from there I suppose the number one thing that we were after was to drive traffic to stores,” Rob Sinclair, managing director of E&S Trading told Current.com.au.

Of course, E&S Trading offers consumers online purchases as well, but what Sinclair said they are finding is that consumers use the website as a research tool for post or pre instore visits.

“On the site you can download specifications of a product or you can enlarge the photo, you can get a really good feel for the product. Then we find people decide to go into and speak to one of the consultants instore. Consumers also come to the store and spend an hour or an hour and a half with consultants before going home and doing some more research online.

“We have consumers who meet us at store level and buy online or they meet us online and buy instore, or they buy only online or only instore…there’s a whole different raft of ways.

“What we’re trying to do is actually get consumers to recognise that there are special or interesting events or new models or even just articles on different products, or topics of interest for home renovations…we’re looking to engage the consumer and inform them.

“We are constantly looking at different ways of engaging consumers with sensible, logical and interesting articles – via our website, Facebook, and Twitter – to answer the major questions out there about new technologies and products.

“It’s about the consumer having access to E&S Trading 24/7. The information is all about helping people make the right decision for their appliance purchase…and they can recognise that integrity with which we manage our business.

“The number of hits on the site is increasing, number of pages, times spent on the pages…and traffic on a store level is also improving.”

Sinclair also said the amount of detailed product and brand information on the website was a particularly useful resource for training new staff members.

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