Food processors and mixers to the retail rescue

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Despite December’s mediocre retail trade figures, Breville has today revealed some of its sales data from the Christmas period, which signals strong food processor and mixer sales in particular.

According to Breville, the Kitchen Wizz sold 68 per cent more units than the previous Christmas (GfK December 2010) and the Scraper Mixer Pro planetary mixer range exceeded retail sales of $1 million in December.

Daniel Grahame, Breville global category manager food preparation, said the enthusiasm around TV cooking shows continues to influence the consumer.

“Consumers are getting more hands-on and engaged with their food preparation and processors are ideal kitchen tools to save time and achieve more professional results,” said Grahame. “The shift towards using more fresh foods over packet solutions is definitely helping to drive an interest in these types of appliances. We’re very encouraged by this activity in the lead up to Mother’s Day when we will launch a very exciting new product in this category.”

“The Scraper Beater Pro is a unique product. It’s the first mixer to include a scraper beater as standard and for Christmas we launched it in 22 additional colours.”

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