No internet, no worries for Topfield’s series record PVR

SYDNEY, NSW: Topfield has released what it calls Australia’s first PVR capable of recording a full series of programs without an internet connection.

Called Series Link on Foxtel iQ and Season Pass on TiVo, the ability to automatically record each broadcast of a chosen TV program is quickly becoming an essentially feature of a PVR device. At Topfield, it’s called Intelligent Recording.

Topfield marketing manager Robert Bonnano said the ability to do this without internet connectivity is a big step forward.

“Topfield is proud to be the first PVR in Australia to offer series recording without an internet connection,” he said. “Consumers no longer have to worry about losing recordings due to internet interruptions from the provider or human error. It also offers more choice for where to put a PVR — now a TOPFIELD can be used in a room without an internet cable or even in outdoor living spaces.”

“In addition to skipping ads, exporting recordings and media playback, Intelligent Recording is another way that Topfield is giving complete control to the user.”

The Topfield model with Intelligent Recording ready to go is the TRF7160 (RRP $549). Consumers who have already purchased this model without Intelligent Recording built in can get a firmware upgrade at this website.

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