Breville encourages retailers to up sell kettles with cash back offer

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Breville brand director Dave Gubbin said that retailers who sell one $80 kettle will make the same revenue as two cheaper models so they should take advantage of the trend in sales of more expensive kettles, instead of fighting against other mass outlets who market price-based products.

“When buying kettles what a consumer is prepared to spend on a simple appliance could surprise,” said Gubbin. “They’re no longer just for boiling water: appliances are stand-out features on kitchen benches and look is as important as performance."

From 1 March through until 9 May Breville is offering a cash back promotion on 4 kettles.

The Breville Tea Maker (BTM800) has $50 off, the Professional 800 Collection Variable Temperature Kettle (BKE820) has $30 off, the ikon Quiet Boil Kettle (BKE570) has $20 off, and the Moda Quiet Boil Kettle (BKE470) has $10 off.

“This cash back program gives retailers the opportunity to offer consumers a premium kettle with these features.

“Tea consumption is having significant influence on kettle sales as tea drinkers seek to perfect their brew. Combined with the growing awareness of the health benefits of tea there is a strong growth in the interest in tea makers and variable temperature kettles. Non-tea connoisseurs are interested in the quiet boil feature and glass kettles.”

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