Contour cameras enter CE retailers through new distribution

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Craig Soper, national sales manager at Meeco Sales, the Australian distributors of the cameras, told that the whole Contour range of cameras and accessories has been very well received by the general retailer.

“The range consists of two cameras, the ContourGPS and ContourHD, and an ever evolving range of accessories tailored to specific applications, currently numbering 27,” said Soper.

According to Soper’s latest analysis report the most popular accessories in the Australian market include the waterproof case, surf and wakeboard mount, the windscreen mount for motorsports, handlebar and vented helmet mounts for mountain bike enthusiasts and extra batteries and carry cases for travellers.

Contour, which has been distributed in Australia for five years, recently walked away from CES at Las Vegas with a list of accolades for design, engineering and digital imaging for its new ContourGPS (RRP $499) model.

The company recently announced Bluetooth connectivity for the ContourGPS unit. It allows the camera to be paired with a mobile app for the phone to become a live viewfinder.The app also allows the camera’s settings to be adjusted in the field and creates connectivity with audio, remote control and other mobile accessories.

In addition to taking digital still photos, the ContourGPS is the first hands-free video camera to record real-time GPS data, including location, elevation & speed while shooting video in Full-HD 1080p.

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