Sanyo unleashes $60,000 projector

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sanyo has today released a spectacularly expensive projector for the local SMB market. At just under $60,000, this projector promises “accurate projection of detailed images with outstanding colour depth”.

"The Native 2K resolution combined with Sanyo QuaDrive technology allows us to offer advanced display capabilities and brightest Full HD LCD in the large-format projector market,” said Sanyo group manager for the commercial channel, Peter Huljich.

“We are offering a compelling reason for operators of large venues to upgrade to the latest technology by having a product that offers not only the best in imaging, but also helps combat issues they face including projection in smoky environments.”

Sanyo promises that this new projector (PLC-HF15000L) is simple to install. Features include 11 optional lenses, including wide angle standard and tele-zoom.

Sanyo's new projector is just a whisker under $60,000.

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