Toshiba’s TV triple treat for the Christmas Tree

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Leading Tier 2 TV supplier Toshiba has this morning revealed its Christmas promotion, with the Japanese vendor providing a triple threat to the Big 4 operators.

There are three choices for consumers, with those buying the more expensive models rewarded with significantly better gifts. This is presenting a credible upsell opportunity to retailers.

The top offer in the deal is on two TV models: 46WL700A and 55WL700A. Consumers who purchase either of these models will receive a Toshiba 3D Blu-ray player, a 22-inch LED LCD TV, three sets of Toshiba 3D glasses and 3D Blu-ray documentary title. The listed value of this offer is RRP $1,364. This promotion is capped at 480 units.

The mid-range offer applies to five TVs:  46XV700A, 42SL700A, 42XL700A, 47XL700A and 55XL700A. Consumers who purchase one of these TVs will receive the TiVo 320 media device, a TiVo wireless adaptor and a $100 Caspa download voucher. The listed value of this offer is RRP $669. There are 1,500 units of this promotion.

At the entry level in Toshiba’s Christmas bonanza is a gift with the purchase of either the 40RV700A or the 40XV700A. Consumers who pick up one of these TVs will receive either a Toshiba notebook PC or a 22-inch LCD TV. This offer is capped at 2,500 redemptions.

All three promotions incur an administration fee of $35 and will end on 17 January 2011.

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