Miele releases new limited edition vacuum cleaner

MELBOURNE, VIC: There are now more Miele vacuum cleaners in the world then there are Kenyans, with the Teutonic supplier have now manufactured more than 40 million units. That leaves Miele just short of halfway to catching up to the number of Germans in the world.

To celebrate the crossing of this magical threshold, Miele has released a limited edition vacuum cleaner to recognise the achievement. This new model is called the Premio Plus (S 5781).

In keeping with Miele’s 40 million strong tradition, this is a bagged vacuum, with sealed system HEPA filtration, 9-layer HyClean dustbag and a 4.5-litre capacity.

There’s also a 3-piece telescopic, stainless steel wand and mini turbo brush.

The new Premio Plus is RRP $699.

The new Miele Premio Plus (S 5781, RRP $699)

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