Superstar chef Matt Moran promotes Cuisinart appliances

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Matt Moran has teamed up with Cuisinart to promote the new Elite Collection duo as part of the food processor range, which is distributed in Australia by Sheldon and Hammond.

Following the success of MasterChef and the star-status of chefs it has fostered, the distributors have brought together Moran, Cuisinart and Japanese kitchen knives, Global, to demonstrate the benefits of using the right tools in the kitchen for the home cooking enthusiast.

As part of the promotion the celebrity chef will offer home friendly recipes, cooking tips and advice on how to keep home food preparation appliances in good working order.

Moran, who owns the Aria Restaurant, said he was happy about sharing his enthusiasm with others to help them create inventive and interesting meals.

“It is very exciting to be a part of this next generation in consumer interaction with food,” said Moran.

“Both Cuisinart and Global share my passion for creating innovative and contemporary food using fresh Australian produce and take consumer education about food preparation very seriously. It is wonderful to team up with these two leading brands.”

Cuisinart appliances are distributed in kitchen and homeware specialist stores including David Jones and Robins Kitchens.

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