BBQs suffer price deflation alongside TVs

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Consumer electronics are not the only thing being knocked down in price to lure the consumer in-store, according to a Bunnings salesperson.

Jake Davidson told that while there has been the anticipated seasonal up-take in barbecues after the end of the cold snap, outdoor cookers too, have experienced price deflation.

“There has most definitely been an increase in [barbecue] sales, particularly four-burners that are good for an average sized family, that’s been our number one,” said Davidson speaking from the Chatswood store.

“The next most popular, especially with people from the UK are kettle barbecues, we’ve sold a stack consistently this spring. It’s a charcoal slow cooker good for roasts; our most popular has been the home-branded kettle.” asked Davidson, who has been working at Bunnings for four years, if barbecues had dropped in price in this year.

“Yes, to a degree,” said Davidson. “I have noticed a couple of the popular barbecues about $15 cheaper than last year. Since I started the price has definitely plateaued, if not dropped.”

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