Samsung’s $10,000 TV driving total domination of 3D TV market

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung has revealed it has sold over 200 Series 9 LED TVs since the premium 3D models were launched in late July. These TVs, which retail for around $10,000, have helped deliver Samsung a remarkable 89 per cent value market share in the 3D TV category.

Samsung released this figure this morning, with group manager, AV, Evan Manolis exclusively revealing to the approximate $2 million revenue windfall the Series 9 has delivered. Despite this totally dominant market position, Manolis jokingly said it wasn’t good enough and that his target remains higher.

“It needs be 100 per cent,” Manolis said through a chuckle. “We’re never going to be that high with other companies coming into the market, but to be able to hold that high market with LG and Sony and Panasonic coming in with 3D is very strong and quite pleasant.”

Of course, the Series 9 TV is not solely responsible for Samsung’s success. As the only supplier to market all three major TV technologies in 3D (LCD, LED LCD and Plasma), Samsung is offering the most choice to consumers.

UPDATE: wants to make clear that GfK did not release this information, and that only Samsung provided this information. The 89 per cent value share is based on cumulative sales from the release of the first 3D TVs in Australia.

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