Windows 7 cuts Apple from the tree in popularity stakes

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Proving once again that Apple really is small fruit in the wider computer world, Microsoft has today revealed that it has issued 240 million licenses for Windows 7 in the 365 days since launching.

Whereas Apple makes a lot of noise about how its magical operating system is the best to use, people clearly favour Windows, and PC use in general, with Microsoft’s figures again confirming this.

In the 12 months since launch, Windows 7 has exploded in popularity to capture 17 per cent of the global market share of operating systems. Furthermore, Windows 7 is now the onboard OS on 93 per cent of all new consumer PCs.


Windows 7 is easily the best operating system that I have ever used. Having grown up on frustratingly inconsistent Windows releases – with XP the biggest let down – it has been a joy to use 7 and experience how Microsoft has actually listened to what users want rather than telling them what they need.

My favourite feature is the expanded search functionality from within folders. Also, the ability to choose what is pinned to the task bar using drag and drop is fantastic.

For the record, I was overseas when Microsoft 7 was launched last year, so I did not receive a free version. My licence is fully paid up and running on my home PC, which is a late model Asus.

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