TEAC releases new AV cable range

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: TEAC has launched a complete new range of AV cables including HDMI, component, composite, antennae and an HD TV Starter Kit.

The ten different cables use 24-karat gold plated connectors to ensure and fast and interference free connection for optimal performance, according to Phillip David, TEAC product and marketing manager.

“The performance of home entertainment equipment is only as good as its weakest link. So it was logical for TEAC to introduce cables to ensure Audio and Visual products could perform at optimum levels,” said David.

“In other words, if seeing and hearing things clearly is important to you, then taking a look at TEAC’s new range of cables is imperative.”

CAHD15P HDMI Platinum Series, RRP $99
CAHD30P HDMI Platinum Series, RRP $119
CAHD15R HDMI Red Series, RRP $59
CAHD30R HDMI Red Series, RRP $79
CACP15P High Performance Component Cables, RRP $109
CAAV15P High Performance Audio/Visual Cable, RRP $109
CAAN15P High Performance Antenna Cable, RRP $59
CAAN30P High Performance Antenna Cable, RRP $69
CATK15P High Performance Toslink Cables , RRP $59
HDSP1 High Definition Starter Pack, RRP $99

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