LG asks Mark Webber to dance in 3D

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Making a rare appearance on Australian soil, Mark Webber stepped out of the hot seat and onto the dance floor last night to demonstrate LG’s new range of 3D capable technologies.

The lanky Formula One driver was strapped into his dancing shoes to showcase the new Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect on the LG 2D-3D Plasma TV in front of an encouraging crowd of spectators. Kinect technology uses full body movement, motion and depth sensors to control the game, thus removing the need for a hand-held controller.

Tim Barnes, the new marketing manager for LG home entertainment was there to introduce the new range he described as “pinnacle” and “exciting”. The 2D-3D TV is the first of its kind to attain a George Lucas endorsed TXH Certification, originally developed for cinematic sound, but now used to test cinematic vision. The TV is accompanied by a 3D Recorder and Blu-ray player.

LG said it hopes that the TV’s ability to convert 2D to 3D (20 different levels of depth are available) will combat the thorn in the side of the industry – the lack of 3D content available.

Speaking with Barnes, Webber said that technology played an important role in the aerodynamics of the vehicles and in coordinating the hundreds of people in his racing team. Webber said that “competitor analysis” and learning from past mistakes were essential to improving ones game.

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