King of controversy and Queen of the quibble, Kogan expands LED TV range

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Bricks and mortar’s online enemy, the now infamous Ruslan Kogan, has upped the ante by announcing the expansion of his LED TV range.

But instead of expanding his range by increasing screen sizes, Kogan has opted for smaller screens, identifying a niche market he claims Australians are looking for.

Kogan, who loves attention almost as much as he likes processing sales online, has been very visible lately, challenging traditional retailers to update their business models or suffer from lost revenues. On the flipside, Kogan has been accused of importing and selling inferior products, a criticism he denies.

"While everyone gets excited about the huge LED TVs, more and more Australians are buying them in the smaller sizes,” said Kogan.

"These are the sizes customers are buying en masse to have high definition content available everywhere. They're popping up in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, cars, boats and caravans.”

The new TV’s range from 19 inches to 26 inches, and feature the ability to pause, rewind and record programmes through an in built USB port. The sets can also run off 12-volt input from a car, boat or caravan.

Kogan 19" HD ELITE LED TV – $299 with free shipping

Kogan 22" FULL HD ELITE LED TV – $339 with free shipping

Kogan 24" FULL HD ELITE LED TV – $379 with free shipping

Kogan 26" FULL HD ELITE LED TV – $489 with free shipping

Additional reporting by Patrick Avenell

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