Ex DJs’ CEO Mark McInnes responds to “intolerable” cruelty

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Mark McInnes has today responded with gusto to the allegations heard against him before Judge Geoffrey Flick in the Federal Court, Sydney.

Former David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk appeared in court this morning for a directions hearing against the former CEO, the retailer and its directors.

Fraser-Kirk’s legal team is asking for more time to negotiate with witnesses while up to a further 11 complainants may be added to the $37 million sexual harassment case, according to Fairfax News.

In a statement of defence McInnes said the allegations were insupportable.

“This is an intolerable position. These new allegations are unstated, unsourced and unsubstantiated,” said McInnes.

“I have already said that many of the existing claims made by Ms Fraser-Kirk are simply untrue. I am keen to file my statement of defence against these claims, which as directed by the court will occur on September 24.”

“My lawyers have advised me that the correct place to respond is in the courtroom and I look forward to defending myself vigorously against these claims at the appropriate time.”

McInnes, who made a rare appearance in support of the Roosters at the Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park yesterday, was not present at today’s hearing.

Fraser-Kirk has reportedly rejected an initial settlement of $1 million, in what is turning out to be Australia’s biggest sexual harassment case.

The case has been adjourned until October.

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