SAP112-8 60cm Linear Pyrolytic Single Oven

Linear, a new design concept by Smeg, brings cutting-edge – almost futuristic – design to the forefront of the kitchen, melding intuitive controls with outstanding performance.

A forerunner of the current trend whereby consumers custom-design their kitchen to suit individual culinary taste and lifestyle, the Linear concept represents virtually unlimited choice in unprecedented style.  Featuring a bank of appliances, the Linear concept offers the versatility and performance of a professional kitchen, featuring identical aesthetics teaming frameless Stopsolïƒ' ‘supersilver’ glass and stainless steel fascia with illuminated controls. 

Leading the Linear range is the stunning Smeg SAP112-8 60cm Linear Pyrolytic Single Oven.  The SAP112-8 is designed with Smeg’s Thermoseal system which ensures precision temperature control and creates an ideal environment for cooking, helping to maintain food’s natural moisture and flavour. The oven has a huge 68-litre net capacity Maxi Cavity allowing room for five cooking levels plus the oven floor, while Cool Door technology in conjunction with a tangential fan and quadruple layered glass door ensures children’s hands are safe and your kitchen environment is cooler and more pleasant. Perfect for the family or entertaining, the oven combines a superior pyrolytic cleaning function with Ever Clean Enamel, to assist with easier maintenance and the avoidance of harsh chemicals. The LED controls include Smart Chef and Intuitive Cooking features.

The Linear collection features multi-function large capacity ovens, dedicated steam ovens, compact microwaves that double as grills or convection ovens, warming drawers and coffee machines.  Each can be wall-mounted or installed underbench, with the compact ovens and coffee maker measuring only 450mm in height and the warming drawers 150mm.  The dimensions of these ensure perfect symmetry when teamed with one of the multifunction ovens.

Cooktops also feature strongly in the Linear concept with a choice of induction, gas or halogen.  Each showcases the sleek, sophisticated aesthetics of the ‘in wall’ appliances while featuring low profiles and tactile materials such as satin stainless steel, lush silver glass and matt cast iron.

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