Online retailer caught out misleading consumers

Exclusive by Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: An online retailer has been caught out advertising out of date RRPs on its website. Although the retailer was quick to update their listing once notified, it again has highlighted the perilous threat of online retailing to bricks and mortar retail.

A 55-inch VIVO LCD TV (LTV55FHD) was listed on for RRP $2,299, but on sale for $1,675, a purported $624 saving. The actual RRP of this Vivo model is $1,895.

Although making an online purchase was not possible due to the item being out of stock, the apparently large discount could encourage a shopper to stay on the site to find a different product to purchase.

When made enquiries about the price inaccuracy, a spokesperson from the site defended the online error, declaring it unintentional.

“We never try and mislead anyone intentionally…those links are being hosted on other people’s websites at the moment,” said the spokesperson.

“The RRPs on our website are always updated and if we ever hear of anything incorrect it’s fixed up very quickly.”

“That shouldn’t have been up there and we’re certainly not trying to mislead anyone.”

Since made these enquiries, the RRP has been corrected.

A screen shot of the online retailer's incorrect RRP. This was taken at 10:00 AM on Friday 23 July 2010.

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