Kingston releases super-premium $1,000 USB drive

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Kingston has today released a series of high-end USB memory storage solutions aimed at individuals looking to store and transport highly sensitive material.

The four new devices range in RRP from $125, for the comparatively entry level, 16GB DataTraveler Locker, to $982, for the ultra premium DataTraveler Vault.

The thinking behind this range is not just to protect information securely for retrieval later, but also to protect users from losing data or having it unwittingly disseminated via human error. Each model comes with a number of security features, with the complexity of storage and encryption increasing exponentially based on the price.

For RRP $982, consumers can get a waterproof 32GB USB drive with full encryption, fast transfer rates (24MB per second), lock-down functionality, a 5-year warranty and free customer support.

Very similar features are also available in a 16GB model for RRP $434. This unit is called the DataTraveler 5000.

Also released today were two new models in the DataTraveler Locker range. For RRP $220, consumers can get a 32GB drive with full encryption, lock down function, password protection and a 5-year guarantee. A similar model is also available with 16GB of memory for RRP $125.

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