Online retailer explains RRP discrepancy

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Online retailer Eljo has responded to’s investigation into incorrect online RRP labelling, explaining that this error was visible only on “hidden” website pages.

Upon being informed of the mistake by, Eljo has moved swiftly to rectify the mistake, with Jonathon Green, director – retail division, saying the company would never intentionally mislead consumers.

“That product is actually an old listing, and was hidden on our website some time ago,” explained Green.

“It should not have been possible to navigate to the product through any other pages, as the product is currently unavailable.

“Obviously though [ came] across it somehow, as there must be a link to it elsewhere on the internet.

“Whilst we are not in control of anyone else’s links, we can control what is displayed on our site.

“We thank you for pointing out the discrepancy and have corrected it immediately.

“Together with our web developer, we are investigating how it is you got the page in the first place.

“I would like to assure you that at Eljo, we are not in the business of deliberately misleading consumers, whether it be in regards to RRPs, or anything else for that matter.”

Additional reporting by Keri Algar.

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