Samsung’s new robot really sucks

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung has today announced the release of two new autonomous floorcare products under its NaviBot branding. The two robot vacuum cleaners are promoted as being able to navigate multiple floor surfaces and avoid obstacles whilst picking up dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris.

According to the release, this unit comes fitted with 38 in-built sensors to enable it to roam unencumbered around the home, while an on-board camera can take 30 photos per second in order to map the layout of the house for improved cleaning efficiency.

Considering how amusing this product sounds on paper, it is refreshing to see that Samsung head of marketing, consumer electronics, Mark Leathan, has acknowledged that this is a fun alternative to traditional vacuuming.

“In line with Samsung’s ongoing commitment to providing tomorrow’s technologies today, the Samsung NaviBot brings to the Australian home an innovative, new, smarter way to clean,” Leathan said in a statement.

“The Samsung NaviBot injects intelligence and fun into an essential, but somewhat cumbersome, domestic chore.”

The two NaviBot models are the SR8845, which is described as being “neutral grey” (RRP $799), and the SR8855, which is “mirror blue” (RRP $999).

Features of both NaviBot models include 2-hour charging, a self-adjust function, a rubber guard and a remote control.

The SR8855 also features two virtual guards, a daily schedule cleaning mode, extra brush accessories and a touchscreen control panel.

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