New retailers the key to continued Betta growth

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Betta Electrical buying group, the BSR Group, has announced steadfast growth during a “tough” year. The group credits the fostering of partnerships for the growth in an otherwise unsteady market.

At its annual conference in Shanghai, dubbed ‘Better Partnerships’, BSR Group general manager, Ian Brown, told shareholders and delegates that the inclusion of five new retailers to the group was instrumental for the group’s success.

“The strength of partnerships between the Group, its retailers and its suppliers has been the key element sustaining BSR through the recent economic turmoil,” Brown said.

“BSR’s growth during a tough year is evidence of its high standing in the market.”

“The Group has remained debt free and has maintained a level of pass back in dividends and services that is unmatched by any other electrical retail operator in Australia.”

Betta Electrical will celebrate its 50-year anniversary this year with an historically large promotion for suppliers and retailers.

A record 260 delegates have attended the Chinese conference. Retailer and supplier awards will be announced Thursday night.

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