Overseas gripes have no effect on iPhone 4 takeup

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Overseas controversy over the iPhone 4 does not appear to have deterred Australia’s Apple enthusiasts as Optus has received an “unprecedented demand” for the smartphone released at midnight last night, according to an Optus spokesperson.

While sales figures are still to clock in for the business day, the Optus representative told Current.com.au that thousands of people across the country had been queuing for last night’s midnight launch.

One eager buyer kicked off the queue at the Optus Yes store at George Street, Sydney, at 2am Thursday. The Apple enthusiast waited 22 hours and was one of 750 others in line.

Melbourne’s queue totalled over a thousand people, while in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth over 300 waited in front of Optus stores respectively.

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