Australians can’t live without their notebooks

A recent study by Sony has shown that notebook computers are integral to consumer’s lives. Many preferred to gain weight, shave their eyebrows or have it rain on their wedding day rather than lose their notebook.

According to the Vaio Notebook Reliability Survey, commissioned by Sony Australia, 35 per cent of Australians would save their laptop first in a house fire and four in five believed it was more important than love letters or cards.

Seventy-two per cent claimed they would rather it rain on their wedding day, 70 per cent would choose to have their eyebrows shaved and 37 per cent would rather miss out on a job promotion than lose their computer.

“When you literally store your life on a notebook, you want to ensure you’ve purchase a high quality and dependable model,” said Brenden Woolley, Vaio product specialist, Sony Australia.

“Given how much we rely on computers these days – for both personal and professional use – it’s important to find one that won’t let you down.”

According to Sony, it conducts stringent tests on all of its Vaio notebook computers including a drop test, vibration test, open and close test, surface pressure and an environmental test. The company takes this approach to ensure the reliability of its products.

Videos of some of the Vaio test are on Sony Australia’s YouTube channel at

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