Bosch’s brief retort to Rick Hart

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Bosch Home Appliances yesterday responded to Rick Hart’s comments regarding the absence of the premium kitchen brand from Hart’s new Kitchen Headquarters venture.

Kitchen Headquarters, which will first open in Osborne Park in Perth, is designed to be the Winning Appliances of the west.

Hart announced this new venture just days before one of his previous retail brands, Clive Peeters, went into administration.

In a statement made to, BSH Home Appliances managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Mark Saunders, said that Bosch had considered the proposition, but did not want to reveal the commercial reasons for not supplying Hart with products.

“BSH and Rick Hart discussed the opportunity at great length. The rationale and decision to decline the offer lies between the two parties,” said Saunders.

BSH is the also the supplier of the Siemens Brand, which is generally regarded as being at the very top of the premium end of the appliance spectrum.

Fellow German brand, Miele, was also contacted for comment. We will publish any response that is forthcoming.

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