Projection in the palm of your hand

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: With consumers now carrying so much information at their fingertips, Uniden has today released what it considers the next step in making that information visual: a pocket projector.

Roughly the size of an iPhone and weighing in at 122-grams, the ULP 1000 Laser Pico Projector offers up to 120 minutes of projection time, with projected images that are always in focus at any distance, even on curved surfaces, said the company.

The device is designed to connect to a variety of devices, including iPods, laptop computers, digital cameras with TV-out, mobile phones with TV-out, handheld game systems and DVD players.

“The amount of information we carry in our pockets these days between mobile phones and iPod devices is amazing. Unfortunately the screens we use to view these libraries of text, music, photos, and videos are also small with just a few square inches of display area,” said managing director of Uniden Australia and New Zealand, Kunihisa Ishii.

“That’s where the portability of the Uniden Laser Pico Projector comes into play. It amplifies the visual experience from mobile devices, combining ultra thin pocket-sized convenience with the power to project large high quality images.”

People on the go can now share multimedia applications and programs such as presentations, mobile TV, movies and photos.

Available for RRP $999, the ULP 1000 Laser Pico Projector also includes a VGA 1000 Dock to connect a laptop computer to the projector.

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