Sanyo looking to hit aggressive sales targets (with some bizarre products)

By Patrick Avenell in Singapore

SENTOSA, SINGAPORE: Sanyo has outlined aggressive market share targets for the next 18 months of trading, with the electronics supplier aiming to garner 20 per cent shares in refrigeration and laundry, a 7 per cent share in television and a 5 per cent share in air conditioning in the Asia Pacific markets.

At a media conference held during its 2010 product conference, chief regional officer, Yoshinori Nakatani, said these targets are to be met whilst still maintaining Sanyo’s 4-pronged approach to product marketing.

The four major divisions of Sanyo’s business are consumer electronics, energy and the environment, education and biomedical.

Although not currently a prominent whitegoods player in the Australian market, Sanyo is concentrating on growing this division within other Asia Pacific countries.

On show at the Japanese company’s product exhibition were refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning units and floorcare products.

Due to Sanyo’s presence as one of the leading premium solar panel producers, there was enormous focus on its range of "smart energy systems".

Sanyo’s Japanese head office itself is fitted with solar panels so that it is not totally reliant on external energy sources.

According to Nakatani, 330 ordinary households could be powered by the energy generated from these panels.

The company is also working on solar powered street lights, improved battery technology through its rechargeable nickel-metal hydracide units and the Eneloop Bike.

The Eneloop bike is fitted with a battery that can be recharged at solar-powered stations so that riders can gain assistance when riding, especially uphill.

This bike currently sells for around Y100,000, which is approximately $1,150.


This is Sanyos portable heating toilet tub. It is unknown if any Australian retailers have commited to this category.


Sanyo's Eneloop electric bike. Notice the battery pack behind the seat hoist: that can be recharged 1,000 times during its life cycle.


This is a high end, Full HD projector that will sell for around $17,000.


Just when you thought they couldn't get any bigger, this Sanyo refrigerator has seven (7) different compartments.  

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