Samsung in the black with latest refrigerator

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung Electronics is maintaining the latest whitegoods trend with this week’s announcement that its new side-by-side Space refrigerator will come in black.

“We believe our new, sleek, black refrigerator will be ideal for Australians looking to be at the forefront of design and fashion, without compromising functionality,” said senior product manager, Samsung White Goods Group, Mike Lilly.

The Black Space SRS683GDHB refrigerator utilises Samsung’s thin Space insulation technology and a storage-efficient interior design, which, according to the company, means it can offer close to 700 litres (684 litres) of capacity while featuring the same exterior dimensions as a standard 600 litre refrigerator.

The side-by-side refrigerator also features the company’s twin cooling technology, which uses two cooling systems that independently maintain freezer and refrigerator conditions.

In the interest of saving energy, as well as convenience, the Black Space SRS683GDHB refrigerator features a small door panel that allows users to access drinks without having to open the appliance’s whole door. The ice and water dispenser also features an LED display for improved ease of use.

Featuring a 1-star energy efficiency rating, the Black Space SRS683GDHB refrigerator will be available in May for RRP $3,299.

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