Consumers urged to re-scan digital TVs to access new content

The Australian Communication and Media Authority is trying to raise awareness about the importance of re-scanning your digital TV or set-top box. According to the group, many consumers are unaware that a re-scan is needed to access new channels.

The ACMA has raised this concern because a new digital TV station has just been launched for Sydney viewers, TVS on channel 44.

According to Chris Chapman, ACMA chairman, It is working with TVS to raise awareness about the benefits of re-scanning.

“Many receivers will require a re-scan or retune every time a new channel is launched. This is not a situation that relates only to TVS, it occurs whenever a new digital channel commences in any market,” he said.

“Manual re-scanning of digital services is usually done through the menu button on the remote control. Usually the option or re-scanning is available in the set-up menu. Once this is accessed they should choose ‘rescan’, ‘store channels’, ‘retune’ or ‘replace’ and allow the set to automatically identify digital services.”

According to Laurie Patton, TVS chief executive, some Sydney viewers may not be able to access the new service.

“This may be because the home is not within the TVS coverage area. TVS is only available from the Gore Hill transmission site, so antennas pointing to other sites such as Kings Cross or North Head, may not receive the TVS digital signal,” said Patton.

“Generally speaking, if you can receive TVS via your analogue TV you should be able to pick us up on your digital receiver.”

Consumers have to also be aware that the quality of your external antenna and the cabling between the antenna outlet and the receiver can affect the ability to receive a digital signal.

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