Samsung unleashes strong digital camera line-up

Samsung Australia has unveiled an extensive line-up of new digital cameras. Seven new product ranges will be available from April, with models to suit both amateur and professional photographers.

“You can never anticipate a great moment but Samsung’s new digital still camera range ensures you will have the right product to capture it when it does occur,” said Sagar Dave, Digital AV marketing manager, Samsung Australia.

“The 2010 line-up is a combination of stylish design and innovative technology delivering the ideal camera for each individual’s needs whether they are casual snappers or passionate photographers.”

The new line-up from Samsung includes:

– NX-10: Which according to Samsung, has a heart of a DSLR embedded inside the frame of a digital compact camera. The significantly smaller profile of this unit is achieved due to mirrorless design. Two kits are available with this unit, one with a pancake lens for RRP $899 and the other with an 18×55 lens for RRP $849.

– PL Series: This model is an expansion of Samsung’s 2View digital camera family. It features a LCD located at the front of the camera and also supports video. Two models are available in this range, including the PL150 (RRP $299) and the PL101 (RRP $279).

– ST Series: Which features a host of connectivity features such as Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi and DLNA. The ST5500 comes at an RRP of $499 and the ST5000 is available for RRP $399.

– WB Series: Samsung boasts that this model has the world’s best optical performance in a compact high-zoom camera. In addition, it also has the ability to record video and capture images simultaneously. The WB2000 will be available in May and pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the WB650 and WB600 are available in March for RRP $499 and $399 respectively.

– ES Series: Which is designed to offer advanced features at an affordable price. Two models are available in the range, including the ES70 (RRP $169) and ES65 (RRP $129).

– EX1: A 10-megapixel, high-end, compact digital camera that is designed specifically for advanced and enthusiast photographers. This will be available in mid May for an RRP of $649.

– WP10: The final unit in the range offers waterproof capabilities for up to 10-feet below water. It will be available in April for RRP $249.

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