Firebomb attack at Darwin Woolworths injures 15

A 44 year-old man has been arrested after he caused an explosion in a Woolworths shopping complex in Darwin yesterday. According to the police reports 15 people were injured in the attack.

The attack occurred in the TIO offices in the Woolworths complex on Cavanagh Street, Darwin City yesterday. It is believed the man wheeled a shopping trolley with three jerry cans full of a flammable liquid and fireworks into the building.

According to Commander Colleen Gwynne, the attack caused a rapid burning fire in the complex, which in turn caused significant damage.

A reported 15 people were injured in the attack, the extent of the injuries are still unclear. It is believed that one police officer was injured.

It has been confirmed that the 44-year-old man turned himself in to Darwin Police Station after the incident, and he is currently being held in custody.

The extent of the charges are unclear at this stage, as the police are still investigating the crime and have multiple witnesses to interview.

The police have confirmed that the man was a dissatisfied customer of the TIO bank in the complex and had made several threats towards the building in the past.

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