Panel TVs and set top boxes drive CE revenue

According to the latest GfK TEMAX report for Q4 2009, sales of flat panel TVs and set top boxes were up considerably compared to 2008. This has been reasoned on strong promotional activity in the lead up to Christmas.

According to the GfK TEMAX results, most consumer electronics categories suffered a downturn of over 10 per cent in sales for the period, but the panel TV and set top box sectors bucked the trend with a 17 per cent and 76 per cent growth respectively compared to the same quarter in 2008.

LCD and plasma TV also saw a 14 per cent increase in value, which was driven predominantly by an intensifying of promotional activity. According to Gfk, October and November saw a huge increase in promotional giveaways from suppliers, where 75,000 Blu-ray home theatre systems,  DVD recorders, games consoles and TVs were given away.

Small to mid-sized LCD screens at the bottom-end of the market also saw significant increase in the few weeks leading into Christmas. The helped the total LCD sector increase its overall share of the panel TV market value to 72 per cent.

LED-backlit LCD models also gained share over the fourth quarter and accounted for 11 per cent of panel TV revenue. GfK said that this is expected to increase significantly in 2010 as competition intensifies.

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