Betta happy with Christmas performance, confident about New Year

Both the Betta Electrical and Chandlers stores experienced a successful Christmas period and are ready for a busy 2010, according to Ian Brown, BSR Group general manager.

In an interview with Appliance Retailer this morning, Brown discussed the overall sales performance for his retail stores over the month of December and how they compared to previous years.

“Obviously our strategic positioning of our retail stores in major retail areas and regional areas meant that they experienced quite reasonable sales throughout December,” he said.

“But we didn’t have that same spike the week before Christmas that we had the previous year. This is mainly due to the fact that last year we saw the benefits of Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package come into effect.”

“However the sales were consistent and reasonable all the way through and the numbers were there at the end of the month.”

When it came to Boxing Day, Brown said that it performed consistently but did not compare to the impressive results it achieved early in the month.

“We experienced very good sales early in the month and therefore this made it very difficult. Boxing Day sales would have had to be absolutely enormous to override what we experienced earlier in the month,” he said.

In terms of the future plan for 2010, Brown was confident that the extensive catalogue campaign that has been put in place will help ensure a positive year for the retailer.

“Our 2010 year has started off quite well; both our Betta Electrical and Chandlers catalogues are already both out in the marketplace. We have experienced reasonable sales for the first week in January and obviously we have a catalogue program in place for the rest of the year,” he said.

“Both Chandlers and Betta Electrical catalogues will be distributed on a monthly basis and will be backed up by electronic media. We have a full campaign in place for the New Year.”

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