New Xbox 360 Wireless Controller bundle

Microsoft Australia has just announced the release of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Arcade Game Pack. The pack which has over $35 worth of extras is giving consumers an incentive to buy additional controllers for a more social experience over the holiday season.

The new pack, which is available from today, includes an Xbox 360 Wireless controller and four Xbox Live Arcade games for RRP $89.

“The Xbox 360 wireless controller gives you a brilliant interactive social gaming experience. The black coloured controller is the perfect accessory for the Xbox 360 console and includes four Xbox Live Arcade titles for easy-playing over the holidays,” said the company in a statement.

The featured games include: Geometry Wars 2, Lumines Live and Bomberman Live on the disc and a free download of Ms. Pac-man from Xbox Live.

According to Microsoft, this new pack will encourage a whole new group of consumers to join the Xbox Live online community, which now has over 400,000 Australian subscribers.

This service has recently been upgraded and features a whole host of new applications including Facebook, Twitter and Movies on Demand.

The limited edition pack is available now from participating retailers and due to its affordable price and added value, Microsoft is expecting it to sell well in the lead up to Christmas.

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