Sony confident it leads promotional war

Sony Australia is confident that its latest Bravia / PS3 promotion is leading the pack in terms of retailer acceptance, due to the fact that it creates more upsell opportunities than its competitors ‘one dimensional’ hardware gifts.

This is the view of Toby Barbour, deputy general manager of consumer products marketing at Sony Australia, when he spoke to this morning about the progress of the company’s latest promotion.

As reported earlier, the Sony Bravia Bonus Promotion has just been bolstered by an extra 10,000 PS3 units after strong demand of the initial 25,000 units on offer.

“This sort of promotion is a tried and tested formula and we have been met with a lot of demand from retailers as to when we would replicate such a promotion,” he said.

“I think retailers recognise that the combination of the Sony, Bravia and PS3 brand as an entertainment solution can drive consumers into store. We are certainly the leading brand in being able to put such an offer into market and drive strong consumer traffic in store and convert sales.”

When asked whether giving away a PS3 for free would hinder retailers chance of upsell opportunities, Barbour was adamant it would do just the opposite of that.

“It hasn’t hindered upsell at all. The beauty of this solution is that it gives you a High Definition entertainment experience and then music, movies and games are then the add on sale to that solution,” he said.

“In comparison to other comparable gift promotions on the market with one dimensional hardware gifts that offer no upsell opportunities, I think we are leading. The upsell opportunities in games and Blu-ray movies will bring the PS3 to life.”

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