Nintendo announces new DSi colours and free internet on Wii

Nintendo has just announced that its latest handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, will now be available in two new colours. In addition to this, the company revealed that Wii owners will now be able to access the consoles Internet Channel for free.

From 24 September 2009, the Nintendo DSi will be available in two new colours, pink and metallic blue. Currently the DSi console is only available in matte white and matte black.

Nintendo is hoping that this move will help boost the already impressive sales of the new DSi, which was released on 2 April 2009. According to GfK data the unit sold over 100,000 units in its first 14 weeks on sale.

In other news from Nintendo, the company announced that its Internet Channel for Wii will now be free for consumers to download.

The Internet Channel, which allows consumers to connect to an internet browser through the console and surf the internet from the lounge room, was previously available for purchase for 500 Wii Points.

For those customers who have already paid for the service, Nintendo will be running a special offer from late October to the end of December 2009, where they will be able to download a Virtual Console NES title worth 500 Nintendo Points for free.

Nintendo claims that it reduced the price to encourage all of its customers to utilise the Wii consoles internet browsing functionality.

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