iPhone cover that doubles your battery life

NetOpt, an Australian company based in Brisbane that specialises in niche consumer electronics products, has just released an iPhone cover that not only protects your handset but doubles the battery life.

NetOpt has just announced the Tekkeon myPower for iPhone, which is a leather sleeve developed for use with the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS. The unique aspect of this new accessory is the fact that is has a rechargeable, lithium polymer battery hidden inside.

This sleeve also doubles as a dock that automatically syncs and charges the iPhone at the same time. Plus it is very easy to use with no buttons or extra steps, all users have to do it plug and play.

“With the growing number of apps available for iPhone, power has become an increasingly important issue for iPhone users who want to increase their power capacity without adding bulk to their iPhone,” said Jerry, president of Tekkeon, Inc.

“Our new myPower for iPhone acts like an espresso shot for the iPhone, giving it a boost of power.”

The myPower for iPhone features a tri-colour capacity indicator that shows the remaining power left in the battery. The battery can be charged via a computer or USB power adaptor.

“myPower for iPhone is the highest rated untethered iPhone power product,” said Rick Nand from NetOpt.

The myPower for iPhone is an iPhone certified product and comes bundled with a USB cable and myGuard screen protector. It is available for a RRP $129.

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