New Sony Ericsson range to feature PS3 connectivity, cameras and motion gaming

Sony Ericsson has just unveiled three new handsets in its range: the Aino, Yari and Satio. All three models offer a unique buying proposition for consumers, and the company is confident it has a handset for everyone.

Matthew Villatte, marketing manager at Sony Ericsson, spoke with at a recent product launch about the diverse new range of mobile handsets.

“All of the new handsets in our range offer consumers unique content and applications like no other phones on the market,” he said.

The first handset demonstrated was the Aino, which offers the unique option of Playstation 3 connectivity.

“The Aino is a handset that can be linked to your PS3 console, so you can access all of your media content from anywhere in the world via an internet connection,” he said.

While the Aino cannot play games from your PS3, it can access all of your multimedia content via the remote play option. This can either be activated by a local connection or other the internet. This means that consumers don’t have to waste storage space by saving content on the device.

The second unit on show was the Yari, and once again this unit was quite different to anything else on the market.

“The Yari is the first handset to feature hands free gaming, where a camera picks up your movements to play the game,” he said.

Villatte demonstrated the new feature with an exercise game that required the user to perform moves in time with on screen commands.

“The unit will come with two games preloaded with the handset and we are expecting an additional two games to be available via download on release,” he said.

“This technology is still very new at this stage, so as the technology becomes more prevalent, more games will become available.”

The final addition to the line up is the Satio, which is being promoted as provifing the ultimate multimedia experience.

The Satio can be used to view all your favourite movies, TV shows and video clips on a 3.5 inch screen in 16:9 format. In addition to accessing your photos and listening to music.

But one of the most impressive specifications of the new handset is the addition of a 12.1 megapixel camera, which incorporates an intuitive touch focus, face and smile detection and a Xenon flash.

Sony Ericsson has stated that all three handsets will be available in during the fourth quarter of 2009.

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