Digital reader, mini games and new colours for PSP

The PS3 is not the only Sony console to get a makeover in the lead up to Christmas, the PSP is also getting a whole new suite of features including a digital reader, new mini games, various bundle options and new colours.

It was announced earlier in the year at the E3 gaming conference that Sony will be launching a new PSP console, the PSPgo, this was just the start of the company’s regained focus for the portable gaming device.

In its presentation to the Gamescom conference in Cologne, Sony unveiled that it will be launching ‘minis’ a new section of the Playstation Store which will offer downloadable games for PSP users.

These games will be exclusively available via digital distribution and will have a 100MB size limit, this is to ensure that the games are quick and easy to download.

“We are very excited to offer so much new content for PSP this year, particularly in this bite-sized form,” said Zeno Colaco, vice president, publisher and developer relations SCEE.

“In opening the door to developers everywhere, we are broadening the type of content available to PSP owners, and opening up a world of possibilities to enhance the PSP gaming experience,” Colaco said.

The new service will be available on 1 October in Europe, PAL territories and North America and will coincide with the launch of the PSPgo. According to Sony 15 titles will be available at launch covering a variety of genres, and more than 50 are expected to be introduced by the end of the year.

A new digital reader service has also been unveiled which will allow gamers to read their favourite comics and graphic novels on their PSP. The service is set to be launched in Australia in December.

Already lined up for release are hundreds of titles including Spiderman, X-Men and Fantastic Four. As well as numerous titles from indie and local publishers.

A variety of new bundled packs have also been announced to support upcoming blockbuster titles like Gran Turismo, Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show, and Little Big Planet. The Little Big Planet bundle will see the introduction of the new Turquoise Green PSP and the Hannah Montana bundle will include a Lilac Purple unit.

According to Sony over 52.9 million PSP units have been sold around the world and 17 million in PAL territories.

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