New service promises to transform cashback promotions

Cashback promotions have recently come under fire from organisations like the ACCC after numerous customer complaints about the process. To fix some of these issues, an Australian company has developed a new and more effective method to carry out redemptions.

Digital Glue, has brought the cashback concept to the digital age by embracing SMS as the main medium to run a promotion for suppliers and organisations.

Due to the fact that the promotion will be conducted over SMS the entire process is automated, therefore it offers consumers a much faster method to claim their winnings or cash. But in addition to this it can also provide marketers with easy access to comprehensive customer data.

According to the company, using the Digital Glue infrastructure will mean your cashback promotions will be up to 80 per cent cheaper than traditional methods.

“Cashbacks have typically been cumbersome to execute for marketers. In these tough economic times a cashback offer can provide a real incentive for customers to buy, so we wanted to make this type of promotion easier for marketing teams to execute,” said Digital Glue’s Managing Director, Anthony McNamara.

“By using our patented system, customers can get an immediate response, while marketers are able to build their brands and improve their customer interactions.”

Digital Glue offers instant payments via PayPal, direct into bank or cheque processing as well as other incentives such as travel, gift cards and movies.

“We’ve found that by making the process simpler, many of the companies using Digital Glue are now able to get more creative with their promotions, and in the process build both their brand and their relationship with their customer.”

Digital Glue is already being supported by many major suppliers including Sunbeam, Olympus, Electrolux, Brother, Hoyts and Thrifty.

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