Vodafone makes prepaid mobile broadband even cheaper

Vodafone Australia has announced that it is slashing the price of its mobile broadband, in efforts to make the service more accessible to consumers.

Vodafone will now offer its Prepaid Mobile Broadband Starter Pack for $129 and $119 when purchased online. The original price used to be $149.

In addition to this if consumers activate their Starter Pack between 22 July 2009 and 30 September 2009 they will also receive 2GB of included data, instead of the normal 500MB.

Helen Tuffy, head of mobile broadband at Vodafone Australia, commented on the price drop.

“Vodafone’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband gives customers the freedom and benefits of mobile broadband without any strings attached,” she said.

“Now customers can enjoy the rewards of prepaid services and high-speed wireless internet at an even more affordable price.”

Vodafone also has various recharge options for consumers, depending on how much data they need. The $19 option comes with 500MB of data, the $29 comes with 1GB and the $49 includes 3GB.

In addition to this, all options include a bonus 10 per cent more data when you purchase a recharge online with a credit card.

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