Vivo goes extremely price competitive on its first 52-inch TV

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Vivo has introduced its first 52-inch Full HD LCD TV on the Australian market, but has priced price the product extremely competitively at RRP $2,199.

“We’re coming in with a Full HD 52-inch LCD TV at a price point where people can afford to buy and it’s not going to leave a big hole in their pocket,” said Grassia, of his new Vivo LTV52FHD model.

Grassia says the timing is right for his company’s first 52-inch TV.

“After 12 months in the market, Vivo’s now got a complete range of TVs right up to 52-inch Full HD LCD and I think there’s a big market for that size TV at that price point and quality,” he said.

“A lot of people are replacing their first generation of plasmas and people are building home theatre rooms in their new house and 52-inch is the perfect size for a home theatre.

“The product itself is made up of premium quality Japanese or Korean panels and it is 100 hertz.”

After 19 years as an IT product supplier under the Natcomp International name, Grassia made the decision to launch into the TV market a little over 12 months ago and has now changed his company name to Vivo to completely align with his brand name.

“We’re focused on manufacturing and distributing premium quality mainstream price point TVs that the Australian market can afford,” Grassia said. “We don’t have any fancy overheads, we’re not doing a whole range of products anymore, we’re focused on the TV market because it is a growing market.”

While Vivo is currently sold through Dick Smith, WOW Sight & Sound and Strathfield, as well as some Retravision, Betta Electrical and Bi-Rite stores and other retailers, Grassia said he is grateful for the support from retailers in building his brand.

“Thanks to the retailers we are where we are today, they are promoting the product through catalogues and papers, they have supported us, and thanks to them the Vivo brand is getting out there.

“We’re getting more enquiries from all types of re-sellers and retailers who want to take the product on … but we’re always looking for more national retailers.”

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