LG focuses on premium positioning and offers retailers new in-store displays

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: LG Electronics used the press conference today for its new steam washers and dryers to announce its decision to pursue a premium position for its laundry range and that it is offering retailers a new in-store display centre.

The premium positioning decision comes from what LG described as its experience with increased sales in the front loader washer market when it first launched its washer and dryer combinations.

“The market experienced growth around three years ago — we grew the market overall by about five per cent back in 2006 when we re-launched out new washer/dryer range into the market,” said LG Electronics Australia national manager Major Appliance Sales, Murray Richardson.

“We achieved great consumer awareness of the product and that was backed by our retailers who got behind the new washer/dryer technology. And then sales were boosted again when we became the first company to launch steam washer and dryer combinations in Australia just over a year and a half ago,” said Richardson.

“We want to focus on a premium product offering and now whilst times are tough, people look for durability in the investment they’re making so they will spend a premium for durability. And one of the new premium offerings we have is the new Direct Drive Motor.”

Richardson said that LG has developed a new point of sale display for retailers to help promote the new range and explain the Direct Drive Motors.

“We are offering all our supporting retail channel partners our new LG Direct Drive Display Centre. These are available now and our account executives are already communicating this to retailers, as well as the fact that all of these new laundry products are available to them today.”

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