Clarification: Navigon to continue trading in Australia

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Navigon distributor, Navigation Solutions, has issued a clarification to yesterday’s comments by a staff member that the brand was pulling out of retail sales in Australia completely.

In an e-mail to, Navigation Solutions managing director, Craig Morrison, said that the brand was not withdrawing from the Australian retail market, as had been stated, and the ceasing of retail sales by his company would instead be taken up by a new official arm of the German parent, to be set up in the near future.

As reported yesterday on, Navigation Solutions will still handle government and B2B sales as well as localisation work. Importantly, it will also perform all warranty support and servicing work for retail models sold both in the past and in the future when the new distributor takes over.

The full statement from Navigation Solutions Pty Limited managing director, Craig Morrison, is below:

"Navigon would like to clarify that, contrary to reports made in the media yesterday, it is definitely not withdrawing from the Australian consumer retail market.  The company is in discussion with its distributor, Navigation Solutions and major retailers regarding the creation of a valuable direct distribution business model.

"In the model, Navigon will distribute directly to retailers with the support of Navigation Solutions which will continue to provide localisation and integration development support for new models as well as map updates, ongoing customer care and warranty support.  This includes the award winning 2110 and 2150 and recent CeBIT highlights, the 2310 and features including MyRoutes and Lane Assistant Pro.

"Navigation Solutions will also continue to directly sell and support customised versions of Navigon product to business and government customers."

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