Home Living furniture makes 2008 even Betta for BSR Group

In July 2008, BSR Australia launched its new furniture line, Betta Home Living, and the company says it has received much praise since its introduction.

BSR has claimed the new line as one of the driving forces behind the company’s success in the current economic crisis.

Over the past six months, BSR achieved all of its strategic objectives and the new line only helped to booster the already successful 2008.

BSR marketing manager, Julieanne Worchurst, said in an interview this morning that everyone at BSR was pleased with the results that Betta Home Living has produced throughout the year.

This brand in particular has really gained momentum over the last year and is proving a successful endeavor for the no-longer electrical only retailer.

The change in focus has been generally well received by both retail groups and consumers.

“The response by both rurally based and metro consumers alike to our Betta Home Living offer, has been overwhelmingly positive. BSR Group is fielding inquiries weekly from both, existing and new furniture retailers and interested suppliers to the industry” said BSR general manager, Ian Brown.

The new furniture line has performed much better than expected and initial projections for early 2009 have been positive, with plans already under way for future promotions.

“The BHL January catalogue is already on the streets and is out performing our initial expectations and we are in production now for further promotional events for the first half of the new calendar year” stated Brown.

The strong launch of the Betta Home Living line will evidently give BSR great confidence heading into the initial stages of 2009.

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