Beyonwiz goes online with new internet services for PVRs and STBs

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Beyonwiz has launched a range of internet services for existing and current PVRs and Set Top Boxes (STBs) that are accessible at the touch of a button from the TV remote control.

Called WizTV, it offers information-based services including a live news and sports feed from the ABC, a live weather forecast displaying over 200 locations around Australia and up to a six-day forecast in some locations. There will also be gadget and AV news and reviews.

There is also a feature that automatically notifies users of any new firmware updates via an icon on the screen. Digital Products Group (DPG) the Australian Beyonwiz distributor, said it is currently in talks with several content providers and plans to launch further services and features including a video download service in the first half of 2009.

“As a consumer I always come to the same conclusion when buying a product, that it will be outdated as soon as I leave the store, to think that somebody who purchased a Beyonwiz PVR over a year ago will press a button on their remote today and have access to an array of additional features and services,” said DPG general manager, Jai Kemp.

“DPG have sold almost 100,000 PVR’s and over 150,000 STB’s since we began trading nine years ago, we know that our users want quality, reliability, flexibility and service, that is what they get from DPG and Beyonwiz.

“Unlike some of our competitors products there are no restrictions placed on Beyonwiz products, to get a PVR from some PayTV providers you have to sign a contract and pay for their content, from other FTA PVR providers you have to be connected to the internet to use their PVR, with Beyonwiz you just take it home, plug one end into your antenna and the other end to your TV and you have a fully operational High Definition PVR, no contracts, no restrictions.”

Kemp also said that Beyonwiz products can be connected to a home computer network and some models can stream content from a PC.

“In addition to the HD PVR features you can connect to another Beyonwiz unit and watch something that you recorded in the lounge room in the bedroom, you can connect to your home PC and view movies, photos or music on your big screen or you can connect to the internet and view a huge amount of content on WizTV.

“It’s up to the user how little or how much they want to use their Beyonwiz, no other PVR can offer the same amount of features and flexibility.”

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