Dodgy heater recalled from dodgy retailer

By Patrick Avenell

In another demonstration of why appliances should only be purchased from the professionals, a no-name heater has been recalled due to the potential for destruction.

Supplied by Sales Express Pty Ltd, the Modern Living upright fan heater was sold exclusively through Target stores. This national recall affects model number MLMFH200, which was sold in Australia between April 2006 and August 2006.

The National Product Recalls Guide describes the defect thus: “Under certain operating conditions, when heater is accidentally tipped over and airflow around the heating element is obstructed, the thermal protection may not activate in a timely manner to cut power supply, to safeguard against overheating”.

Affected consumers are advised to immediately discontinue use and return the item to the nearest Target store for refund. Further sound advice might be to not purchase anything else while you’re there.

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