Good news on the ASX, and price rises lead to only one thing

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The key listed industry players had an acceptable day on the stock market to start the week, with a number of retailers recording much-appreciated rises in share price.

Amongst the improvers today were JB Hi-Fi, which was up 37 cents to $10.37 just before the ASX closed. This represents a rise of 3.7 per cent. Also on the up was Radio Rentals, which was trading late in the day at 52 cents, up 4 per cent.

Clive Peeters was steady throughout the day at 38 cents.

Harvey Norman has suffered a very slight dip, dropping 2 cents to $2.58 – it had peaked earlier in the day at $2.72. This came after Gerry Harvey was quoted in the Australian saying that he ramp up his own finance arm should GE Money scale back its involvement.

Fresh from the news that it will raise prices before Christmas, Sunbeam’s parent company GUD Holdings Limited is up 3.85 per cent to $5.13. That equates to a 19 cent rise in real terms.

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