Dyson sees funny and serious sides to internet theft ring

By Patrick Avenell

Dyson has today commented on yesterday’s Current story regarding a couple stealing vacuum cleaners before offloading them on the internet. Although able to see the funny side of the story, the manufacturer express some serious concerns.

“After hearing about the US apprehension of a couple apprehended in a ‘heist’ of Dyson vacuum cleaners being sold via EBay (sic), a Dyson Australia representative commented, “ we knew the brand was desirable, but really…,” said a spokesperson.

“On a serious note however, situations like this do show how easy it can be for consumers to not be getting what they are paying for online. It’s important to therefore be researching the online retailer environment as well as the product they are buying, to ensure it’s from an authorized (sic) e-tailer – if in doubt, check with the brand you are considering purchasing.”

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